Way back in the mists of time I trained as a classical chef. Then at the tender age of eighteen, with newly printed qualifications burning a hole in my pocket, I went travelling and very soon found out that I knew absolutely nothing!

Since then I have seen most of Europe, cruised the Mediterranean and the Carribean and worked in air-conditioned luxury in the oven that is the Middle East. My current job is as an itinerant cook, going from assignment to assignment within the UK, getting to know some of the beautiful places and scenery that this, my own country, has to offer.

In late 2010 I rediscovered Granny Robertson’s Cookbook roughly stuffed into a dusty old travel case seen by no-one except the mice and the spiders for many years! I decided then that it deserved a wider audience and so began this Blog. The content is an eclectic mix of the accumulated knowledge and housewifely wisdom of Granny Robertson to which I have added some favourite recipes of my own discovered over the years.

I very much hope that what I produce here, though sometimes sparse and erratic in publication, will be of interest and incite some of the love and pleasure I take in writing it.

Kevin H (Flooge)


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